Exclusive rugs bearing the premium Zoeppritz brand are setting the standard by combining maximum product quality with classically modern designs.

Discover Zoeppritz Colour Rugs, our floor coverings to meet the most stringent requirements. Harmoniously coordinated materials and colours meet even the highest furnishing needs, whatever your spatial and lighting conditions. 

Slip-resistant felt backing combined with exclusive edge finishing ensure outstanding laying qualities and unbeatable anti-slip properties. 

When you acquire a Unique Rug, you are gaining a matchless floor covering exclusively designed for Zoeppritz by selected artists.

The premiere of Unique Rugs, which took place in partnership with the product designer Steffen Kehrle, caused something of a stir. The artist’s spontaneously creative involvement in the process of colouring rugs produces one-of-a-kind industrial items, each bearing a genuinely unique design. 

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